10th Mar: Spear Reloaded 1.2 update!
Hello Wolfers!

We released a new version of Spear Reloaded, with following changes:

- In windowed mode, window will always start centered (SDL)
- Added mousewheel weapon selection (SDL)
- Added option to enable/disable Mouse Y-Axis movement (SDL)
- Added direct strafe option (SDL)
- Dropped bodies no longer keep blocking doors when lifted off the doorway. (SDL)
- Fixed a buffer overflow in savegame filename. (SDL)
- Added a new screen to "Personal records" (SDL)
- On version change, it said that old savegames will not load, which wasn't true. (SDL)
- Savegames from 1.0 and 1.1 can be loaded in 1.2 (SDL)
- Personal records now also display percentages. (SDL)
- "View Scores" renamed to "Scoreboards". (SDL)
- Secret area notification is more visible. (SDL)
- You can now start from select map and difficulty via "Personal Records". (SDL)
- Hints are closed faster. (SDL)
- Fixed a possible crash in the hint system. (SDL)
- Changed the "Attention!" screen text. (SDL/DOS)
- Proper scaling applied to moon sprite. (SDL)
- Game name was changed to Spear Reloaded. (SDL/DOS)
- Console messages now display centered to screen. (SDL)
- Updated engine to Wolf4SDL 1.7 (SDL)
- Added ten times more precision to angles. (SDL)
- Added proper scaling to moon and stars. (SDL)
- Fixed gamma correction affected shadetable generation. (SDL)
- Added number of optimizations. (SDL)
- Replaced (c)2008 from memory screen and main menu (SDL/DOS)
- Modified "Read This" (SDL/DOS)
- Fixed beta-testing credits. Two missing names: lilmanjs and Schabbs
- Fixed enemy minecarts appearing without triggering on Level 4 (SDL/DOS)
- Fixed all minecart movement related issues (SDL/DOS)
- Suicide messages (SDL/DOS)

Take care,

Posted by: Codetech84 at 10th March 2012 - 22:45 (GMT)
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