17th Mar: Klooni SDL 1.5
Hello guys,

looks like updates are just pouring out, here's Klooni SDL 1.5 and it's out of public Beta stage. The pressure to release this version was because there was demand for a Fraps enabled version, well now there is one. Though I must warn, the melting screen feature is a bit buggy with the fraps option on due to it relying on page flipping, so use the fraps option only if you really need it.

Here's the full list of changes:

- Experimental support to Fraps (enable it via "--fraps" commandline option).
- Now that you can define automap button, "Tab" is an allowed key.
- A few more textures now affect the light level of the tile.
- Lamps and other static objects are now lit.
- Enemy attack frames are lit.
- Removed the 70 fps framerate restriction (unlinked gamelogic and framerate).
- Updated to Wolf4SDL 1.7 revision 261.
- Tuned explosion damage logic.
- Rockets and plasma adjusted to look like they actually come from the barrel of gun.
- Hit detection for projectiles and hitscan weapons is a lot more accurate now.
- New cheat (not counted as cheating though) "STARTE#", will change the episode.
- Added a developer's console.
- Fixed automap artifacts when using overlay mode on screensize 80% or less.
- Re-enabled 80% viewsize. Border overlapping is gone since font change.

Take care,

Posted by: Codetech84 at 17th March 2012 - 12:07 (GMT)
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