Chapter 1: Klooni modding standard

Klooni modding standard

Klooni was build for modding and our intention from day one was to run mods without overwriting any gamedata so you can play any mods and the main game without any of them interfering with each other. And for that reason I created Klooni modding standard.

The only purpose is to make sure we have error-free mods and also running mods wouldn't require user to do anything except launch the mod from the menu and play.

Mapping limitations

Monsters: 1000
Static objects: 1000
Doors: 64
Trigger tiles: 1000
Actor triggers: 1000

Engine limitations
  • There may not be more than 1000 visible objects/monsters at any given time.
  • 7 episodes, with 256 maps each maximum.
  • 64x64 maps
  • Mod name must be unique, no two mods may share a name.
  • Mod is packaged in a standard way to either .rar or .zip format.
  • All maps have to have an accessible exit.
  • Mapping or engine limitations are not exceeded.
  • All additional files go inside the mod directory.
Packing your mod for release

<modname> = The name you used for the directory that contains your maps.

Step 1:
Create a rar or zip archive and name it "<modname>.rar" or "<modname>.zip"

Step 2:
Add directory <modname> to the archive, it should contain your episodes and any other extra files.

Uploading mods

If you want your mod uploaded to KFH Games website, make sure your mod meets the requirements of Klooni modding standard, and send it to us for verification.

Happy modding!
KFH Games