Excursion to Erebus - A Klooni Mapset
10 hard maps to Klooni by Codetech84
Download: KlooniErebusEp1-KFH.rar (18.9 kB)

Spear Reloaded
A remake of the original Spear of Destiny, standalone. DOS and Windows supported. Version 1.21
Download: SodReloaded1.21-KFH.rar (1.8 MB)

Klooni mapset
Download: Demonoid.rar (20.6 kB)

Klooni - Monthly Map
1 new map for Klooni each month!
Download: Monthly.rar (8.9 kB)

Earth Anomaly a Klooni Mapset by serpens
Featuring 10 very good levels for Klooni, made by serpens.
Download: anomaly.rar (24.9 kB)

Creates palette independent signon screens for Wolf3D/SoD. Supports Wolf4SDL signon screens up to 640x400 resolution. Version: 1.4.
Download: WolfSignon1.4.rar (333.3 kB)

Spear of Destiny Mapset
21 New levels for SOD with some basic code changes.
Download: (808.6 kB)

Klooni - A Doom clone
Klooni is a Doom to Wolf conversion that brings as much of the Doom gameplay to Wolf as possible. Doom II or Final Doom is required to play. Version: 1.5 SDL
Download: KlooniSDL1.5-KFH.rar (5.3 MB)

Wolfenstein Reloaded
A remake of the original Wolfenstein-3D, first project of KFH Games. Requires audio files from registered version of Wolfenstein-3D.
Download: (1.5 MB)

Brick texture tutorial
Tutorial to create professional looking brick textures using only MS Paint.
Download: (36 kB)
Beta files: (New)
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