Excursion to Erebus - A Klooni Mapset:
Basic information:
Completed: 19.12.2008
Released: 31.7.2011
Episodes: 1
Maps: 10
Difficulty: From Hard to Very Hard
Klooni: 1.3 and newer

You are sent to investigate a distress call that from UAC outpost on Hell,
but things don't quite work out the way it was supposed to.

Build time:
Hard to say, I started this about the same time Megabyte started his Demonoid
trilogy. I finished the first nine maps in a decent time, but then I just left
it collecting dust for a very long time.

This has been waiting for the release of 1.3 patch. Finally after release of
Klooni SDL, these maps finally get to see the light of day. There is an Episode 2
being planned, hopefully it won't take as long to complete.
KlooniErebusEp1-KFH.rar (18.9 kB)