Klooni - A Doom clone:
Updated: 17.3.2012
Version: 1.5 SDL

Why make another Doom-to-Wolf conversion?

The answer is simple, we could not use those fancy Doom editors and so we decided to bring as much of Doom gameplay to Wolfenstein-3D, a game we are very familiar with.

Since the reason we started with Klooni was modding, we decided to make the engine support modding from ground-up so as little as possible is hard-coded to the game exe.

Klooni is currently the most advanced engine available. It features vertically opening doors , variable player eye-level, trigger system, etc...

Klooni contains all the enemies from Doom II except Spider Mastermind, enemies act and think like their Doom counterparts.

Since Klooni is based on Doom graphics, it is required to own a copy of Doom II or Final Doom to play the game, fortunately still available at a reasonable price.

Klooni recieved an award at Dome Awards - May 2008. (show award)
KlooniSDL1.5-KFH.rar (5.3 MB)