Spear of Destiny Reloaded:
21 maps to explore, original Spear of Destiny bosses.

New features include:

- Player profiles with customized settings
- Personal performance tracking on levels
- Guest profile
- Completely redrawn weapons
- Stick grenade
- Carrying bodies
- New enemies
- Trigger system
- New special difficulty setting


- Maps, textures, sprites, sounds and menu background texture


- Coding, weapons, sprites, sounds, some textures, vgagraph and documentation

A remake of the original Spear of Destiny released by iD Software in September 18th 1992. The objective of the game is to recover the stolen Spear of Destiny artifact, supposed to give great powers to one wielding it.

All the profile features are seamlessly compatible with DOS and Windows, but you can't load DOS saves on Windows or vice versa.

Spear Reloaded received an award at Dome Awards - June 2010. (show award)
DOS Windows 
SodReloaded1.21-KFH.rar (1.8 MB)